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Do you know what a Butler’s book is? D …

Do you know what a Butler’s book is? Do you use one as a part of your service? If not, do you have a book to keep track of frequent guests’ preferences so that you can cater to their needs and desires each time they visit?

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  1. Säde says

    This is an interesting idea. I Googled butler’s book and didn’t find anything pertaining to this. Do you have any resources?

    Thank you!

  2. lunaKM says

    You might want to search out Homecare Binders and Homecare Journals. These are more modern versions of Butler Books.

    A Butler’s book was a way to keep track of how the house was to be prepared at all times and also guest preferences and allergies. So when a guest stayed the first time they would make notes as to what wine they preferred, any food allergies they had, how they wanted their room prepared, etc. This would make future visits customized for them because the butler would then know what to expect from this guest.

    In a D/s context these books can note who their partner is, names/title preferences, if the submissive eats from the table or floor, how comfortable they are with protocol, etc…

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