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From jakeskajira on If you …

From jakeskajira on If you were to have to explain why M/s relationships are valid, healthy and functioning… how would you describe it and explain your logic to others if you “had” too.

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  1. Erring Waiz says

    I have had to explain it :) What I’ve said is this (because for me it is absolutely true)

    I’ve heard it said that if you want a relationship to work, both sides have to put in 80% of the effort. Often the effort part comes in when you must compromise on something that you want in favour of what your partner wants or needs. In a D/s, or M/s, relationship, you’ve pre-agreed on the terms and conditions of that compromise. In a healthy D/s or M/s relationship(which for me implies the valid, functioning part), the sub has agreed to trust the Dom or Master. In turn, the Dom or Master has accepted an obligation to be worthy of that trust. In many ways the only difference between a D/s or M/s relationship and a vanilla one is that there is an agreed mechanism for addressing the irritations and confrontations that occur, and often stew, in vanilla relationships.

    And it’s fun ;)

  2. Raelene says

    I would write a sensible safe sane and consensual document calmly explaining the truth and hand it to the magistrate. And then let sanity prevail, while the bitter and twisted deal with their new reality.

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