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What do women all over the world have in …

What do women all over the world have in common?

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  1. Ginny says

    They let their hearts rule their heads when it comes to love. Woman can also think with both sides of their brains at the same time unlike men. Men can only think with one side at a time.

  2. Jules says

    They all have vaginas. Let’s not fall into gender essentialism here!

  3. Amma Millington says

    They identify as women.
    Whether they were born with a vagina or not, whether they ‘let their hearts rule their heads’, whether they are submissive, dominant, meek, long haired, WHATEVER.
    The defining factor of a woman is that she feels like and identifies as a woman.

  4. phoebsfavslave says

    Men thats what they have in common

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