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What are your favorite domestic chores? …

What are your favorite domestic chores? Do you have any tips to help others do things simpler?

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  1. arthur says

    Oh my .. i enjoy baking, have fun with keeping things neat, clean and in order but my most “favorite” domestic chore revolves around the kitchen; menu planning, shopping, creating and serving tasty delights to my dear Wife and dear Ones who lead me. In many ways i, well .. regardless if it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks i very MUCH DO enjoy the challenge of meeting (exceeding) Their expectations.

    A quick tip to offer if i may? i often found that many unknown wines harvested from around the world not only blends with a number of delicious meals – a glass of wine is good for digestion. Used in moderation wine can be helpful to maintain trim waistlines but also effects warm smiles for one’s thoughtful service.

    hmmm, other tips for ‘service’ submissives in charge of hearth and home? Fill a page with the words ” i CAN’T” on a piece of paper. As you write each line – say, yell, “i CAN.” “SAFELY” burn the paper you just filled with negative energy words then bury or throw the ashes away.

    Learn to schedule, manage and use your time and energy wisely. Create then set your mind to follow a daily, weekly and monthly chore list. So MUCH can be accomplished by simply setting the alarm a half hour earlier than the norm. Find your personal work ethic as positive rhythm and energy useful to your advantage.

    JEEZ, above all – DO take pride in everything you accomplish.

    Respectfully written,

    arthur (humblyyours)

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