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When was the last time you were punished …

When was the last time you were punished? How have things changed since then?

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  1. J'ssub says

    I tend to get “punished” daily. W/we tend to call it domestic dicipline. However it is just for little things like raising my voice (when getting ready to make a statement, etc, never to hollar at Him), or like when I don’t use “Master” at the end of a question, or when asking permission, etc. I haven’t had a harsh punishment yet.

  2. Ginnyw says

    I feel as if my punishment is going on right now. I am staying with my sister in another state from my Master due to unforseen circumstances. I correspond with him daily, and he will tell me he misses me badly and wants me back. If I tell him I miss him and how hard it is for me where I am, he tells me to rest, save up money to come back, and not to hurry back. This kind of emotional, roller coaster pain is for worse than any physical pain he has ever administered on my behalf. I am at the point of not being able to take much more. I feel as if I have almost gotten to the breaking point.

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