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How do you ask for forgiveness from the …

How do you ask for forgiveness from the one you serve?

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  1. Rae says

    On my knees, eyes down cast,hands behind my back, “Sir, i have done….. i am truly and sincerely sorry and i am begging Your forgiveness.”

  2. J'ssub says

    i am not allowed to say i am sorry. Master finds it a form of weakness and dishonesty. i am to say, i will never do ” ” again. He hates to hear i am sorry…

  3. slave jimmy says

    its Master doesnt care if its sorry or not. There will be punishment.

  4. MasterWolf_ncs_lilbrat says

    i usually start with Master?…and then i tell Him what i did wrong. i wait for His response, and after i reply to it i tell Him i’m sorry. If it was something REALLY bad, then i will write an essay on what i did, why i did it, the impact that has on our relationship, why it was wrong, my plan of action for future similar circumstances and how i intend on executing that plan. He’s never asked me to do that, but i feel it helps to convey my sincerety. i do not fear punishment from my Master, only His disappointment and perhaps temporary silence.

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