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Do you have rituals? Such as waking, cle …

Do you have rituals? Such as waking, cleaning, beauty, exercise, dressing? Do they have meaning or are they just something that you do? Do you have a centering ritual?

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  1. KarinNeko says

    If I know I’m going to have a busy day, I try to make my beed before I leave the house. Its become a way to center myself get my mind ready to do a list of tasks.

  2. elizabeth says

    I have a mantra to help me get in my sub headspace. Or ill kneel against the wall minutes before he gets home.

  3. witchwolfe says

    Rituals have sadly taken a backseat to other things in my life. i had a conversation with my Master last night, which touched on my insecurities and low self-esteem. He advised me to come up with a simple ritual for beginning my day, wherein i ask myself, and confirm to myself, to Whom i belong. i’m working on it today, as a way to calm and center my mind. When we are living together daily, it should be easier for me to maintain my focus, as He will be a regular part of my life.

  4. Lady Carolyn (Taffy) says

    Our bedroom is our dungeon. It is dimly lit with a single candle. My Master puts my collar on me, and then he puts on my black leather wrist and ankle cuffs, tightly. I wear sexy lingerie and heels; always. Now I am ready to play…

    (Lady Carolyn)

    Seattle, WA

  5. Bren says

    I also make my bed daily. If I don’t my day feels like it hasn’t started properly. On work days I walk into the office, start my PC, start a pot of coffee and then check email. I do the same thing each morning and if it is altered my day seems off. The first man that was starting me in the D/s lifestyle had me email him every night before bed. I really liked this ritual and hope to be able to continue it with the new guy that has been involved recently. He has spoken about having certain rituals and I look forward to finding more out as the exchange grows.

  6. Shay says

    Yes. My Master has put together a sort of prayer to him, that I am expected to say to myself each morning at the foot of the bed. Master works earlier then I wake up so the prayer is not for him to hear. Master has not even seen me do it but he can tell if I forgot to. I have only forgotten to twice, but that obviously causes an imbalance in my day. Master is also trying to currently help me better myself as far as time management. Work has been getting more hectic lately so I do believe there are many rituals to come.

  7. Tr says

    elizabeth-I would love to know what your mantra is! I do not live with my master and i find that my drive to see him helps me get into my subheadspace if you will. My rituals include making coffee when we leave to go to work in the morning and recently has become making sure the bed is made when leaving the house.

  8. Muffin says

    I have a mantra. I say it often, when I’m lonely, stressed, happy, impaitent. I write it on everything, say it when I go to bed, while I’m waiting for a response. If I’m not doing anything, I’m probably whispering it to myself. It helps a lot.

  9. lizgh says

    we started it with every morning to text good morning and goodnight to each other . we are in an online d/s relationship an im still learning but i have gotten in trouble a couple of time for no responding back in a timely matter. Sir always tell me to have a good day.

  10. Sirwelph says

    1. Both I and my submissive read our mantras to one another nightly as I sit on the edge of the bed and her kneeling on the floor in front of me.
    2. She also informs me of her safe arrival at work.
    3. Every Wednesday is but plug day for her.
    4. Every Sunday we do a check in, regarding anything about our dynamic.
    That’s just a few.

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