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Have you ever wished you could reconnect …

Have you ever wished you could reconnect with an ex-Master? How have you reconciled those feelings?

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  1. robertsskat says

    i have wished that often, and have never been able to reconcile my feelings… i still long to make contact but all my emails remain unanswered

  2. Rachael says

    I keep I contact of my ex doms we where just catching up when I dropped the bomb that I had finally moved over to a new Dom after over a year

  3. The Wolf from Penn's Woods says

    I only have one ex-Master. And no. He still says we have a relationship. (Still has me listed on his profile on Fetlife.) I don’t know how, when he only lives an hour away, and has made no attempt to see me in a year. He promised we’d get together for my birthday. That was five months ago. He said he was going to friend me on Facebook again. That was three months ago. He said one of his current, live-in subs was not going to control his relationship with me. But he stopped doing scenes with me, because it “upset her.” He won’t call me when she’s around because it “upsets her.” (This, from a man who has been polyamorous for decades, and has two live in girlfriends/subs, one pretending to be poly, at present.) I don’t know if he’s lying, or just can’t stand up for himself. But whatever the reason, he has proven to be untrustworthy. I have no desire to reconnect with him. It’s a good damn thing that I never allowed myself to fall in love with him, or I’d be hurt right now. As it is, all I can do is laugh at him and his unstable “family.” They have shown me just how important “family” is to them.

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