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Why do you write a journal? Do you find …

Why do you write a journal? Do you find it is a positive thing for you, and if so, in what ways? Is it a public journal? Do you ever find yourself censoring your writings for whoever else might read them?

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  1. lesme says

    Its an interesting thought :) Yes, i write and i twitter. But most of the time i think its not interesting for others. So its sometimes difficult to tell something nice. Not that i’m afraid to tell what i am or like. But its more that it must be interesting to tell. So if i have a good mood and i pleasant day then i write something.

  2. slave jimmy says

    Not a journal, but almost daily email updates. Because Im ordered to,

  3. violet skye says

    i write my journal/diary for myself.

    it is a public diary because i have nothing to hide, however i don’t broadcast it to the world that it is out there for the world to read… if those on my facebook cared to delve deeper into my information they would find the link to my diary and they would have a field day.

    I do not mention some people in particular by name and other things can be left to the imagination…

    What i do in my diary is a way for me to vent, sort and just get things out so i can see what i am feeling and understand myself better as a person and then possibly i can make myself a better submissive, wife, friend and anything else i am hoping to be at that moment.

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