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How tolerant are you of others who live …

How tolerant are you of others who live in a lifestyle that would not suit you and who live in such a way it does not affect you? Do you consider yourself open minded? How do you react when others judge your lifestyle as fantasy?

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  1. ted_subby says

    I consider myself very open-minded about people’s consensual lifestyles, even if they don’t suit me at all. I certainly wouldn’t want to throw stones from a glass house. My entire family is also very open-minded (and not into BDSM that I know of) which I’m sure had an influence on my views.

    I am closed-minded, though, to people who are closed-minded. People have a right to their opinions but if they put other people down then I’m not open-minded when it comes to that.

  2. happy2beme says

    I work at not judging others lifestyle. I want to stay positive and to focus on the good in others.

  3. Debra Becker says

    I’m very open-minded what they do is their business and what they enjoy is their business I take care of me and what I like and if others don’t like it that’s their issue not mine

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