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Do you ever find it difficult to embrace …

Do you ever find it difficult to embrace your nature in today’s society? How do you balance it out?

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  1. JJsslave says

    Personally I try to stick to non vsnilla friends. It makes life much easier

  2. Lee says

    I am finding it easier to embrace my submissive nature in today’s society.
    My training has given me a strength and confidence that I didn’t have. I deal with life’s situations better, but not in a submissive way.
    I don’t have a master, so don’t experience being a submissive with another person, but do ‘service’ type things with people around me.
    I am also on Fetlife and am meeting other submissives etc in real life who I can communicate with.
    Embracing your nature can take many different forms.

  3. Raelene says

    Carefully is how i balance things out. Always listening before speaking and looking for people’s perspectives on their point of view and how they came to their conclusions. I also have very lovely people in my midst as well which helps enormously.

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