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How would you define your service? Devot …

How would you define your service? Devotional, positional, transactional service?

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  1. thepinkpoppet says

    It is hard for me to answer this even though I want to. First, I nor my Sir actually tend to categorize and define ourselves, our relationship or our service to each other.Yes, I said EACH OTHER. I am his sub and whatever else he needs or wants me to be at any given time…be that his wife, his best friend and confidant, be it sexual, devotional, transactional, platonic, or anything else. He is my Sir, my guardian, my champion, my inquisitor at times, my best friend, my playmate, my husband and more. We serve each others needs and desires. I have a what I think is a very unique perspective in that we have been together and married for 28 years now, known each other 41 years in total. Ours is not just a M/s, D/s, BDSM, vanilla or any other title that defines relationship, but encompasses all of that and more even. Our relationship is always flexible and ever shifting, growing and therefore is virtually impossible to actually label or define as it does not remain the same from day to day. We believe that the only “Constant” in life is change, and thus embracing change makes life easier. Therefore if you are constantly changing and growing then you are advancing and are not easily contained within a preset box or label. Just our beliefs and thoughts. But I totally understand how many people need to have an “absolute”, a label or something that they feel defines them and that gives them comfort and security. Just not me. Thanks for allowing me to voice my opinion.

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