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Are you allowed to masturbate? Do you ha …

Are you allowed to masturbate? Do you have any rules governing self pleasure?

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  1. malakfc says

    Yes, in fact I am ordered to masturbate at least once every day to orgasm. Many slaves I know seem to have rules against self pleasure and their Masters rule them through denial of pleasure…my Owner does the opposite and rules me through the infliction of pleasure, that I be so overwhelmed worth it as often as possible that I cannot be anything other than filled with desire.

  2. Ginnyw says

    I am not allowed to do anything regarding self pleasure without his expressed approval. He says that my body belongs to him.

  3. witchwolfe says

    Allowed to? I suppose. But i never do it, as i haven’t quite figured out how. Stupid, i know. Sometimes i wish He’d tell me one way or another, “yes you can” or “no you can”t”.

  4. Judy says

    I to am allowed with his approval – as he owns my body and it is his property.

  5. Raine says

    Master had put in a rule that I was to ask before I masturbated, but I was too embarrassed to ask. So He rescinded the order. We might try that again later.

  6. HisWhore says

    i am a very lucky sub in that aspect. my Master has granted me the privilege of self pleasure when we are apart without the requirement of “pre-approval” however, i also have the requirement that i tell him when i have and what activity was chosen to complete the activity.

  7. mrsmuir says

    Just yesterday, Sir told me I am not allowed to use my favorite vibrator, which I named Turtle, without his permission. And yes, that turned me on when he said that. haha. As far as masturbating by hand, I assume I need permission for that also. He has told me many times that he owns my body. R.I.P. Turtle

  8. Master says

    I have ordered my sub to pleasure herself every day. Which we both love, enjoy and cherish.

  9. Gina says

    I am not allowed self pleasure without his express permission. And sometimes even when he lets me self pleasure, I am not allowed to orgasm.

  10. The Wolf from Penn's Woods says

    4 years ago, I answered this, saying I didn’t really know what to do. Today, I am unowned, and don’t care to even try it. I am too busy being a single mother to even bother with sexuality. of any kind.

  11. HisSub says

    I’m not allowed to masturbate 3 days before seeing my Dom and I have to ask permission for any other time I want to.

  12. Carl Johan Ringius says

    Hi , im a Submissive who has been alone now when My mistress have died ! But i feel very submissive and are willing to have ristrictons by My self , and i feel that i have greater orgasms when im forcera myself to restriktions by My self in fakt!

  13. Silver Eagle says

    I am allowed to masturbate, but not to cum without his permission.

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