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Is it important to you to have friends w …

Is it important to you to have friends who are also in similar style relationships? Why or why not?

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  1. vicki johnson says

    I believe it would be helpful to have a friend who is in a similar lifestyle. Vanillas don’t understand why we feel the need to serve and how it is a positive influence in our lives rather than a negative.
    Perhaps because of the current “me too” culture or the newly inflamed womens movements, most women assume that humbling oneself is akin to lowering oneself. t would be so fulfilling to have a friend who is both strong and happy in serving their Sir. I feel that it would be strengthening to both of us and our relationships as well.
    Until minds open and people stop judging, I guess we’ll just be happy that we have each other. Thanks for all the newsletters and guidance!

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