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How do you see your submission maturing …

How do you see your submission maturing and changing in a year, 5 years, 10 years?

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  1. Bren says

    This is so difficult…I truly hope that I see my submission getting more fulfilling for my dom and I both. To be able to give freely and always in the joy of submission is my total goal without moments of rebelliousness at all.

  2. Jim says

    I don’t know what the # of years are, but as the relationship grows and matures I see myself as an extension of Goddess. My goal is to be a part of Her and not a separate entity. Also, as part of the very long-term, and hopefully this will be so, I see Goddess having 99% of the control. My 01% is making the choice to be her submissive, and continuing that path throughout the rest of my life.

  3. ebonysnow says

    I see the last 6 months as a release that i have finally stopped beating myself up emotionally and confronted the fact that my need for submission will not go away and i would of been alone forever if i had not seached for a sub/dom relationship . i have not got a clue where and if my desire to learn everything i can, will end . I am in love with a dominant man but i dont know if i can fulfill his needs and also i do not know if he has the same desires as i do . at the moment i am at an emotional cross roads , we are both testing waters .I have been a single mum for 6 years , doing everything on my own , he is a very very business man that lives an hour and half drive from me . we met on a web site and both just wanted a sexual relationship , but just clicked . the little time we have together do we go to dinner , laugh , joke ,talk about our family etc or do we continue with my training and explore our boundries ??? is there time for both ?? can we have both ??? will my heart be broken ?? or my deep need to serve be pushed to oneside ??? is my dom , dom enough ?? 5 or 10 years down the line, i dont know?.i have waited and longed to explore and experience a submissive life , so i have started on my path to submission and can not look back now.wish me luck , confused ??? i am !!!!!! xx

  4. witchwolfe says

    I am not doing well at this. I went from submissive to slave and back to submissive. I suck at relationships. What comes naturally to most, like expressing love, affection, desire, i am failing miserably at. Sir and i grow more distant. And i can’t stop it. I see myself a failure in submission long before five or ten years passes.

  5. MasterWolf_ncs_lilbrat says

    In the past year i have finally accepted and learned lessons Master had tried to teach me Himself unsuccessfully. Life helped to take care of that. i have learned to always rely on Him. i have seen how much He loves and respects me…how much He values my submission to Him…how much patience He has.

    This year i have given more of myself to Him because i know i am completely safe. i would sell everything i have and give it all to Him if He needed it. Only problem there is He would forbid it.

    Our relationship will flourish. my submission will deepen. i am worried about it though because there is a good chance He might die first.

    my submission was all about sexual and psychological gratification, and then it became about respect for the years of experience He’s had as a Grand Master. Then it started to become about how i loved Him. Now i don’t even submit to Him because i love Him. i submit now because it feels so natural to. i have bratty playful moments, but when things are serious…when He says something and He means it He will never have any argument or backtalk from me.

    my submission will grow until death makes it change, and i am terrified of that. That will be the hardest part, the battle between serving my Master or serving my own selfishness in self-pity.

    i could never have another Master. Nobody could ever compare to Master Wolf. i love Him more than my own life, and being His slave is just like my child always being my baby. No matter what happens, i will always be His slave…completely true and available for Him, even if He releases me. i will still serve Him unless He forbids it. Even if i were to ever be banned from seeing Him, i would still wear His collar and live by His rules. That will never change.

  6. shynymph says

    My submissive gift to my Master can only grow larger, and more enlightened over the next year and beyond. My Master has charged me with the task of learning more to not only grow in my own submission but to better live, love, and redefine our relationship to prepare it for the next stage of our life, whatever that happens to be. He alone is my everything, and that in and of itself, is exactly what I have learned. To grow further is to expand upon it and it will be the journey of a lifetime.

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