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What is a recent addition to your traini …

What is a recent addition to your training? How did it come about? Are you adjusting well?

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  1. Ginnyw says

    A recent addition to my training has been learning to how to be with a woman. It has been talked about for a long time now, and I am just thankful that it is only now in the works. This idea is something I can not wrap my mind around and see no purpose in it.

  2. dianna says

    Although i am curious about same sex intimacy and want to experience it while my Mistress watches, i can imagine if i wasn’t curious or didn’t want to. It would be unpleasant to say the least.

    If the desire to be with a woman isn’t there, will the desire to please your ‘Dom’ fill that void? If not, i think you have to either take a stand against it now, or agree to trying it once – and if you still feel the same, then the issue should be dropped.

  3. Joyful says

    I have been banished for about 4 weeks and have probably 2 more weeks to go. I made a financial decision that was outside very specific guidelines set by my Master. He has allowed me very limited communication with him through texting though. This form of punishment is very difficult but VERY effective. I have been forced to face what I did and learn from it. I know he set those guidelines for me with my best interest in mind and I messed up big time. He did sit down with me before my banishment and explained what was going to happen. I am very thankful for my Master, this punishment and this time.

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