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What is your favorite thing about the pe …

What is your favorite thing about the person you serve?

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  1. morgaine says

    i think it has to be that i know he is there for me no matter what. We’ve been together for 34 years (27 of those married) and no matter what i throw at him…he’s there, supporting me in any way that he can. i know that no matter what i can talk to him, he’ll listen, and give me the most support possible. Even when he has been telling me all along that it won’t work, that they aren’t worth it…when it falls apart and i’m devastated…he’s right there, picking up the pieces. It is an incredible feeling for someone to have your back 24/7 no matter what.

  2. purrpleasure says

    I believe it has to be that he is there for me in good and bad times. I have health issues and when I’m unable to serve him – he takes care of me. His thoughtfullness and his caring is what has won me over to him. I will be his for as long as he will have me. He looks out for me and my well being and I in turn take care of him in any way and/or matter that I can.

  3. MasterWolf_ncs_lilbrat says

    my favorite thing also what i fear the most: He is so amazing to me…indivually, as my Master, a Friend…He has such a pure Heart…nobody could ever compare to Him. i fear it because i know nobody can live forever. Still, it is better to have loved and lost, and my life will never be the same having loved Him and Him love me in return.

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