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What role does punishment play in your d …

What role does punishment play in your dynamic? Do you see a difference in punishment, discipline and correction?

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  1. J'ssub says

    i do personally see a difference. His punishments are normally immediate, and sometimes self-given at his command. (hate this to no end but don’t have a choice). They normally consist of flogging, cropping, wooden spoon, etc (and with all of these, He calls them “lashes with…” so I know He isn’t playing games and is dead serious. Dicipline is given to me in the form of immediate withdrawl of something (that isn’t the word i am looking for) such as witholding a kiss, or witholding a hug, or not allowing me to do something that i love, to “break me” of that habit or whatever i did. now his corrections are also immediate and most often in word form with that “tone” that is very distinctive. He will repeat what i just did, and if i am close by with nobody present, it can include grabbing of my hair, or pushing me up against a wall or cabinet, or grabbing my wrists (never EVER to hurt me, only to make a point). OR if we are in company of others, or in public, He normally puts His hand under my long hair, grab my neck tightly, pull me close and whisper in my ear to let me know He is displeased.

  2. LordEligos_slave says

    There’s a HUGE difference. Punishments are issued only after Master has called me to kneel before Him while He explains that i will be punished, & why, & during the explanation & punishment, Masters eyes are cold & merciless.
    Discipline & correction are always done by Master in a teaching manner, not the cold eyed punishment, extremely painful manner.

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