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Are you spiritual? Has it ever conflicte …

Are you spiritual? Has it ever conflicted with activities or actions in your dynamic? How does this help or hinder your relationship?

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  1. Kathryn says

    This is an important topic to me as I am a Dominant woman who’s a Christian. I don’t think female sexual dominance is at odds with my belief system, however there are certain ideals that it is hard to maintain in any relationship quest and that is where I struggle

  2. margo says

    I am a submissive who follows the precepts of the Judeo-Christian beliefs. The BDSM area for me that creates a conflict is the practice of polyamory. A real limit for me must be a monogamy. As long as I practice BDSM, within a monogamous D/s relationship, I find no conflicts with my spiritual or religious beliefs. I have only been in the lifestyle for one year so I may discover another area of conflicting activities or actions in the future. However, today I only gives thanks to the Creator of the universe that I can experience such joy and connection with my Dominant.

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