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Do you read other submissives’ journals …

Do you read other submissives’ journals and blogs? What do you learn from those you read? Do you compare your dynamic with theirs?

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  1. elizabeth says

    Good god no. Not allowed. What would you hope to learn? You might find things you would rather not know. Case in point. My dom has said he loves me. He has not said that to his other sub. I found this out when she read my saved texts. That was 2 weeks ago. We’re still marked by it :(

  2. Hedone says

    Oh yes. That is how I learned so much and found other submissive women that I could relate too, that had my same feelings, had experiences that I had yet to encounter, shared with me, opened my eyes to so much more.

    When I first found the language to describe what I was feeling, who I am reading the blogs/journals of other submissives was comforting.

    The biggest lesson–we are all different and there are different D/s relationships because individuals are different and that is okay.

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