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If you are in a M/s dynamic and are larg …

If you are in a M/s dynamic and are largely dependent on your owner, have you discussed what may happen if something fatal happens to the owner? Is this something you feel should be discussed prior to committing to the dynamic?In a different scenario, how have you handled release if it has occurred?

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  1. diamond1012 says

    i for one, have lost my owner a few years back. it has ruined my life. i have not handled it well. nor have i had any guidence. i feer i am lost forever.

  2. nini says

    i believe it would be wise not to enter a largely dependant D/s relationship in this day and age unless matters such as these have been discussed as sensibel individuals. Safety and trust are important issues in the D/s world, care for the dependant should logically follow. most subs i know have had more D´s in their past and loosing a M in whatever way remains always a possibility. my advice is to prepare a “what if” document

  3. seashell says

    Diamond 1012;
    Hello there,If you would like you can e mail me anytime you feel like talking, I have also lost the Dominant in my life.However you can move on and live a good life for yourself.YOU,,, are not lost there are always people around you to help you get through this difficult time.
    take care be safe my e mail address

  4. MasterWolf_ncs_lilbrat says

    i have not discussed this with my Master. i told Him what i plan. i could never love another, and i will not have another Master. If He dies first, i will keep living my life based on the rules He set for me, and i would do my best to not allow my loss to hurt me because above all, i am to protect His property. He trusts me with that, so i cannot allow selfish sorrow to hurt me long-term. i have no choice but to make Him proud, but i have no desire to move on. He is the last Man i will ever love. And i will ALWAYS wear His collar.

  5. NS13_tangledpixie says

    We haven’t discussed it, and even thinking about this and reading the responses of others brings tears to my eyes and makes me want to hug them. I would be horribly depressed for a long time if I lost my Master.

  6. HoneyGlaze says

    Haven’t had this discussion. It’s heartbreaking to contemplate though it is a reality.

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