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Can you recall your first discovery of s …

Can you recall your first discovery of sexual fantasy? What was it about?

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  1. elizabeth says

    Kinda…i remember being belted by my father and then going into ny room and belting my stuffed animals as i clutched at my pussy…i was maybe 7? i also remember reading V.C. Andrews, FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC and getting all excited by the list of Rules. And the punishment was the whip! i remember having fantasies about that

  2. little monkey says

    My first sexual fantasy was being stripped naked, sometimes by my grandpa, and sometimes the boy next door, then taped up with electrical tape or tied with rope, so I couldn’t move.

    That’s it. So simple and yet not so simple. It was very exciting to my 7 or 8 year old brain and body.

  3. witchwolfe says

    Mine was related to movies like “The Pit and the Pendulum”. I remember being about 12-ish, but there was no sexual component to it.

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