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How do you know the difference and respo …

How do you know the difference and respond to a punishment spanking and one received during play?

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  1. J'ssub says

    Well, actually up until recently, i thought BDSM was punishment, and everything that happened was punishment. However now that i know the difference, i can tell the difference by the tone of Master’s voice, the situation we are in at the time (like if i had just messed up, or we were setting up/involved in a scene, etc). It really isn’t hard for me to tell the difference, because i know Master’s voice tones and looks, and know immediately if i am in true trouble or not.

  2. Ginnyw says

    My Master always tells me if I have done something wrong and deserve a spanking/whipping before I get one. He wants to make sure I remember and associate it with that punishment so I do not do what I did ever again. Otherwise, the spankings are just random acts during our sessions.

  3. Silent says

    A sensual spanking leaves you wanting more.

    A punishment spanking leaves you wailing in shame like child, with a sore bottom and bruised humility. But there is something extremely cathartic about receiving a deserved punishment spanking. It’s like a reset button that leaves both M/s in a very different place when it’s over … then, it’s time for tenderness.

  4. HisToy says

    My master use to spank me when i was bad, but then i became bad just so i could get them. Then when he figured out what i was doin, he growned me from spankings.two weeks with out one spanking…i stoped getting out of line real fast.

  5. Shay says

    A playful spanking has always been different to me than a punishment spanking. No mattter how hard Master can hit my bare bottom as hard as he is known for doing, during play but it will never be the same as in punishment. A simple “Whack” during punishment carries a natural anger. A natural hurt and I am saddened to know I made Master do this to me. I feel more guilt and the obviously sorrowful feelings that come along with a repirmanding. I am very hard on myself, occasionally abit harder than Master is to me. When I have been bad I naturally feel divided between what is wrong and what hurts Master. There is a deeper pain that comes along with the feeling that you’ve upset Master so much he’s had to spank your little bottom red. Though, in the beginning I do applaud Master for keeping his cool in situations where I couldve used a good spanking :)

  6. His beloved says

    When I have done something wrong I know it before Sir almost always! Sir is observent and I rarely have to tell him anything. He hates dirty dishes and I once left a coffee cup near the sink rather than loading it to the dish washer. I spaced it and he saw it. He brought it up and I knew it was on! I went about my day to day and was forbidden to touch the cup. I swore the cup grew every few minutes! I was so tense and anxious over my up comming discipline that I was harder on me than Sir. By the time I was punished I was practically begging Sir to be done with it. Finally a few hours later Sir spanked me. I felt such relief and gratitude that the matter was over I cried. I never forgot to keep up thw dishes since then. When you are just playing with a spank you don’t have so many emotions and such a feeling of guilt. When you play its fun you might smile or laugh. Atleast these are my feelings. There are no wet panties for me or safe words in discipline either. My discipline is limited to five minutes though and never exceeds. Assuming I am healthy enough to accept discipline if not then it is suspended or exchanged so discipline can be carried out in a kmanner acceptable to my health and body. Sir seems to be in a better mood as well. Also when play is cokming up I look forward to it and can be in the moment and out of my head easier, these are my observations anyway.

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