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What is the essential core of submission …

What is the essential core of submission for you?

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  1. emeralds says

    To me… The essential core of submission is love.

    I can’t think of a greater act of faith, trust and respect than to give myself to someone, allow them the right to mould me to suit their ideal of perfection, their needs and desires…

    The process of opening myself to someone.. Allowing them to ‘see’ me without a mask, what is beneath the ‘beautiful’ (smiles in reference to the song, not physical attributes) takes enormous faith in that person as its an intensely vulnerable position to be in…

    I won’t give anybody me… Until we have looked into each others eyes and allowed our spirit (essence, souls whatever your belief) to caress against each other… Only then, would I lower my eyes and rest happily at your feet…. (And yes I know it’s fanciful and romantic and submission is rarely that… But it’s my interpretation on the essence of submission and who knows.. Maybe somewhere a Dom waits who agrees lol )

  2. Lynne says

    Thank you! Someone who feels the same as me. I’m without a Dom now because of that feeling and also rushing into it in the first place. You stated it perfectly, beautifully. May I keep your words close so that I can explain more easily to the Doms who are courting me?

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