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Is there any information you wished you …

Is there any information you wished you came across early on? Is there something you wish existed then or even now?

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  1. violet skye says

    when I first came into the D/s world i came from the Butch/Femme world and i was a Daddy’s babygirl and things were a little twisted and my Dom didn’t want to deal with me because he was a Dominant who dealt with sluts and he was sooooo not going to deal with a slut who has “some kind of fucked up little girl issues” so my little girl kink had to be closeted and some of my extreme submission was hindered and some of my submission was choked and some of my Femme side became aggressive until he became Dom asshat and i really liked his dick bad ass side and we began to explore a whole new me that began to grow because i became stronger… but that is not the point.

    At the time that i experienced and came out there were not too many people who were willing to delve into or to interact with littles and they njust assumed that these submissives were just brat submissives and wrongly labeled many who were trying to find themselves and just didn’t fit in yet because their crowd wasn’t in place yet…

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