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If you could go back in time and restart …

If you could go back in time and restart your journey into BDSM would you do anything differently? Would you have read more? Gone to a Munch sooner?

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  1. Ginnyw says

    Actually, my journey started just a few months ago. However, if given the opportunity to restart my journey, I would not have waited until this year. My time would have started long before my second husband ever came into the picture with whom I wasted 18+ years trying to be a vanilla wife. Instead I would have become the true submissive I am today and ended up a happier and more fulfilled person than I ever thought possible.

  2. arthur says

    Hmmm, i may be one of few who was carefully taught to believe; ‘BDSM’ is a useful as a tool of non consistant energy experienced during a few scattered hours of ‘painful pleasure/pleasurable pain exchange of give and take’ – while D/s is a more consistant day in/day out way of life and style one chooses to live by, to learn from and to grow forward, using one’s strength gathered from within, to serve Another with trust, with honor and pride. to be useful . With little to no masochistic tendencies i’m a rather odd bird here but, well .. what’s right for ‘me’ is a just to be useful without having to have much interest in BDSM. BUT if i were asked to manipulate time, to restart my path into an earlier D/s environ .. IF i KNEW there was a way to advise (rattle and shake as necessary) the the younger man i once was to not be afraid to listen to my heart of hearts, to be proud of the skills i was blessed with and not fear to use possible failure as a tool of potential growth, to learn how to use ones mind, body and spirit .. the younger man may have charged me with a greater success and value to my dear Wife and Other’s in my present day service. YES i most definately would be one of the first in line to journey backwards .. to help the younger man grow needed service skills to possibly serve a greater purpose.

    Since youth i’ve always been a voracious reader. Goodness, i’m not a bookworm but, well .. if you could see all the dog eared wonder filled books that line our library room walls you’d probably laugh, or faint – or run away and hide. imho i believe that each book was written to serve a purpose. Right or wrong, good or bad .. words were written as individual legacy’s. Personal thoughts are an energy from the past and present to be valued, honored and cherished in the future. Of course the books on our shelves are not all lifestyle oriented – but i must say with further honesty; i don’t think i could have read more than i have.

    Possibly reading played a part in why i love serving my Wife and serving the mysteries of dear Friend’s.

    Respectfully written,

    arthur (humblyyours)

  3. angel says

    I think I would have taken things more slowly and gave myself a chance to learn more about it before jumping into things and learning by trial and error. I also would’ve taken the time to go through a more structured period of training with someone that was strictly there to train rather than beginning it with someone I had emotions with and was trying to also build a relationship with. Training is so crucial and if not done correctly, it has a lot of negative repercussions. Taking things slowly and finding an experienced person to give you proper training are my two main things.

  4. Asia says

    I would have waited longer before entering relationships. They both turned out disastrously because I didn’t take enough time to study their character and see that their level of integrity and commitment didn’t match mine.

  5. The Wolf from Penn's Woods says

    I didn’t know anything about it until 2009. It would have been nice to have had exposure sooner, so I could have learned more earlier. As it turned out, I think I have discovered it too late in life. Now that I have no Dom, no Master, and no options for a social life (being the sole caregiver of a special needs child, with no respite for me), it doesn’t look like I can do anything other than read about others’ experiences.

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