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Do you have to ask permission to do basi …

Do you have to ask permission to do basic needs like eating, drinking, or going to the bathroom? How does this enhance your submission?

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  1. subliminella says

    Drinking (other than alcohol) requires no permission; eating and bathroom use require permission only when in Master’s presence. Having to ask permission for basic needs that others take for granted reinforces, in very simple ways, the comforting knowledge that my life and actions are controlled by Master.

  2. matthew'scelia says

    No, I do not have to ask permission for basic things like eating, drinking or use of the bathroom as Master is out of the country at this time. This may change when he returns, however.

  3. Toriko says

    We did (what i call) “exercises” where I have had to ask permission for all of the above during the first few months of my submission. However, as time has gone on those sorts of breaking-in exercises have diminished. Now, I use my asking permission to show that I am in a particular headspace.

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