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Do you enjoy deprivation of certain thin …

Do you enjoy deprivation of certain things you once took for granted? If it occurs within your dynamic:
- Do you find it to be annoying/frustrating?
- Do you find that it is just one way amongst many to remind you of your status?

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  1. bonniekthln says

    It isn’t so much a reminder of my status as much as it’s an opportunity to obey. It’s freeing to just let go and not question and simply obey.

  2. J'ssub says

    i have a really hard time with deprivation of certain things. i know that it is just the way my Master is, but sometimes i feel so angsty inside when He witholds physical control. Also with little things such as witholding a kiss because i didn’t ask correctly, etc. So yes, to me it is frustrating but i know it is just part of my training. Like right now i wish like anything that Master would just ravage me, but He says i got it yesterday and that is enough, he can’t do it 24 hours a day or i would end up with bruises, etc. AND???????? ugh

  3. parvin says

    i have a problem when my Master deprives me of His presence, particularly. i am so accustomed to Him always being there for me, i absolutely hate when he leaves without saying a word and doesn’t log on for even a few days…it is so difficult to cope with. thankfully i usually don’t have to deal with this, but it is always a fear of mine.

  4. toriko says

    It’s a good reminder of my status and of my training, especially when we are in public.

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