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Do you identify as submissive or slave o …

Do you identify as submissive or slave or something entirely different? What is your definition for that identity?

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  1. patricialynn says

    It is hard for me, because I identify as both, in a way. I have a deep yearning to be a slave, but I know that if I did it for any long period of time I would sink into a DEEP depression – mainly because I spent so many years of my life figuring out exactly who and what I am, and giving it up permanently would be devastating.

    Being a sub, though, sometimes doesn’t feel as fulfilling as being a slave could be.

  2. pet says

    i identify as a slave. i dont have a lot of experience as having had only one Master previously to Sir now. but if feels right with me. and i feel very much at peace with this.

  3. doule says

    I am doule…ancient Greek for “bond servant”. Maybe not a slave, maybe not a sub. “doulos” – gender neutral – could have been a free person who was in service for a time, they could have been owned or they could have been a paid servant. The requirement was that they served their Master with no regard for their own interest.

    Doule is the feminine of doulos.

  4. Kat says

    I am slave only to my Master on the weekends and when he has assignments for me. But Mostly I identify as submissive in regards to the rest of the bdsm world.

  5. Suzanne says

    I am blissful, in calling myself a slave. My Master is everything, I am nothing lest He says differently. His every desire is my priviledge and honour, and He rarely need tell me what He requires of me. My thoughts or feelings are always present, as I am human, but they do not come to the front of my mind in any fashion, lest my Master grants permission for such by asking for a free-speech reveal. His every need is my desire, above all in the world.

  6. Ginnyw says

    To my Daddy I have been multiple things. First I started as a sub, then, slave, bitch, pet, etc. Now I am so happy being mainly his baby. My feelings toward him have not changed since the beginning, and I still work very hard at pleasing him. His ebery desire is my wish to grant if humanly possible. I had always hoped he would reciprocate his feelings, and I think he is seeing the whole me not just the part he wanted to see at first. I have never been happier than I am right now in this relationship.

  7. Christine says

    I am a new sub and I love it. I am life-owned, marked, and collared with pride since the first day I met my Dom/bf. I marked him also. We belong to each other. I have my own mind and give my opinion, then my Dom and I reach a decision together. Our decision is usually the same. If it is a topic he knows more about, he will make the decision(usual man topics). He will teach me and make me understand without yelling at me, which is something no one has ever done. My Dom meets my needs and I meet his. I love being taken care of by him and give back in return. He will spank me for the hell of it, but it’s ok. He will tell me to back down when I take things too far. I want to better myself as a sub and do things his other subs never did with him. He is pleased with me anyway, but I want to be better for him. I always feel the need to compare myself and prove myself to others.

  8. kinkybelle says

    Thought provoking question. I blogged about my answer.

  9. Midnight10 says

    I am a slave, or I think I might be….

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