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One popular idea is that slaves have no …

One popular idea is that slaves have no choices once they are owned. Others do not agree with this concept. Is this an accurate statement for you?

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  1. karma says

    I choose to submit. I am a slave and our relationship goes something like this, “are we doing this or not”? If I want to enjoy all the good things that go along with being a slave and submission then I have no choice but to obey without hesitation. If I choose not to obey, them I am not a slave. Even typing that hurts my heart. I couldn’t imagine choosing to tell my owner that I don’t want to be owned anymore. Its unthinkable to me. So to answer the question… I guess I choose to give up all choices. There’s no middle ground. Either I am totally powerless and give up total control, or I am not owned and we have NO power dynamic in our relationship. We would be equal partners…. * icky shudder*

  2. Christine says

    I am owned and my lover does not label me as a sub or slave. I am his and he is mine. We are a regular couple, but there are things he expects me to do. We make decisions together, but there are times when we don’t(usual man topics).Because I am his, he will take me anywhere and anywhere for his pleasing. He has smacked my butt, played with my breasts in public. He has thrown me on the bed for no reason to give a whip or 2 while making dinner. We are equal, but yet we are not. For some people, it is sub or slave. With the freedoms that he gives me, I happily give him what he wants and deserves.

  3. Catlyn/caty-cat says

    I have only been my husband/Master’s slave for 3 months, that is when we formally began TPE. He has always been the primary decision maker and money manager, but he discusses it with me and seeks my opinion. He may change or reconsider an action based on my input. He values my insight, and always has. Having met at work, he knew I had a good head on my shoulders and trusts my judgment. But in the end, he is in control, he makes the decisions and the rules. I follow and obey.

  4. jojop says

    All of life is about choices. Everything. In everything you have done in the past you’ve made choices that led you to where you are today. One makes choices every single day and will continue to make choices in the future. i am submissive by birth. i was just born with a tendency of having a submissive personality. i even think that being the slave that i am is something i was born feeling because it is so very natural to me. However, i CHOSE to be Master’s slave. i CHOOSE everyday to want to earn rewards instead of accepting consequences. i choose on certain days to follow the rules. i choose on certain days NOT to follow the rules. i choose to not be hesitant. i choose to follow through with my tasks. i choose these things out of a need to feel good about who i am and what i’m doing with my life. i choose these things for the reward of hearing Master say, “Good girl”, or whatever reward goes along with that particular choice. i could choose to not do or say something, in which case i would be choosing to accept the consequences of that particular choice. To say that a slave has no choice upsets me because we do. we may not always like the choices presented to us, we may not even always be aware that there is a choice before us, but at some point there was a choice to be made and we made the one that suits us best at that time. Maybe i am completely wrong. That is a choice that every reader can make for themselves. But, there again, is another choice….

  5. fireprincess92 says

    I do not believe that a slave has no choice. I believe that a slave has a voice and hard limits like a submissive does, but I think that her master has a deeper understanding of how far to go without pushing the limits. a slave still has the right to refuse consent. A master has a clear sight of how far to go with one slave without endangering them and like any relationship it always differs from one to the next.

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