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Have you ever been given a ’slave name …

Have you ever been given a ’slave name’ or had your name changed by someone else? What emotional effect did it have on you, if any? Does your sense of self/identity tie in strongly with your name?

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  1. lil one says

    Sir gave me the pet name ” lil one” and although we recently parted…………the name defines who i am,i even had it tattooted on my back……….as a sighn i respected all guidance that Sir gave me, no matter what happens in life i will always be Sir’s lil one in my heart.

  2. matthewscelia says

    Master gave me my name “matthew’scelia”. The emotional effect was tremendous, it made me feel like I really belonged to him and yes, my sense of identity ties in very strongly with this name.

  3. Sirslilone says

    I think the name becomes as important as the collar….mine was in my handbag on a night out(it wasnt scene to wear it,and Sir wasnt there) my bag was stolen……..collar and all,i totaly lost my full sence of identity,for quite a while.

  4. Sam says

    I was named Sam by Master. Right now it does tie into who I am at the moment. I do things on purpose to annoy my Master just so that I may get some attention. It reminds me that I control my future and it can be as difficult or as easy as I choose it to be. While Master has had another slave she never recieved a name or a true collar. She did however get a marriage proposal and that has been hard for me to deal with and I have not been able to put that behind me.

  5. tina says

    Master and I consciously chose a “name” for me, tina. It was a childhood name/nickname and it strongly ties into my slave self. That persona allows me to be “free”, to be the slave I want to be. While I am collared…I now have several collars from Master and choose which collar I am in the mood for each day lol. We have been living together in a 24/7 d/s relationship for the past 4 years. He does not feel the need for marriage, whereas I would still like that.

  6. lilyinnj says

    I had a tough time with this- Sir wanted to call me “slut”, a name I absolutely can’t stand. He commented how my expression changed and that it wasn’t what he thought of me, just a name to call me by. I was not happy. I like my name, lily just fine. but that wouldn’t do. Finally I suggested “wench”, because I can be quite saucy. It works.

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