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Are you into pain? Is it a service you o …

Are you into pain? Is it a service you offer as a part of your submission? Do you believe you could be trained to take pain as pleasure?

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  1. Zoe says

    I love my Master testing my limits Pain makes me cum harder than anything else he does to me ..

  2. purrpleasure says

    I am into pain and believe in the theory that ther’s a thin line between pleasure and pain – I like the pleasure that will slowly go into pain -it does most certainly turn me on and My Master knows how to cross that line – I don’t like to just jump right into pain – its the teasing pleasure that excites me the most. Hmm

  3. sublicious says

    I have found that I am SO into pain, to the point of a ‘paingasm’ being the guaranteed route to climaxing and the most intense one. So yes, I offer pain as a service. Suspense and torment are up there too though, along with my Dom switching between pleasure and pain or the build up to it…and telling me what he really thinks of me – that works well too. Back to your question lunaKM about being trained to take pain as pleasure, I don’t know. Really interested to hear what others think.

  4. westfalen says

    yes I am into pain and definitely offer it as a submissive service to my Domme as she is a real sadist who enjoys and requires that for her own pleasure…..consider myself a submissive maso so taking pain in my mind has always been one of the best ways to show my submission.

  5. sortingmeout says

    I am not sure how “into” pain i am. I dont crave it as many do. But i do know i will take it for him, to please him even if i wind up hating it. The only pleasure i have from pain is after its over…hearing him tell me i did good, that he loves me, and thanking me.
    i see all these masochists talking about how they love pain, and i feel so on the outside, because i dont.

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