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What depth does someone need to be taken …

What depth does someone need to be taken to to grow?

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  1. little monkey says

    You only need to be taken out of your comfort zone, all the way out… no last toe inside the circle. For some of us that is a journey of one step and for some of us (me) it’s a trip to the bottom of the well. But… once you are free of the circle you see it for what it was, a prison. And then you are free to grow.

  2. SultryButterfly says

    Thank you for sharing that little monkey. You said it eloquently. I too need(ed) to hit the bottom of the well, and reading your statement helped put that into perspective for me. Especially since it was a very recent event, and I am still wrapping my head around it all.
    Amazing how something you put so simply is such a complex and often challenging concept to grasp and apply to ones own reality.

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