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What aspect of your life has been hardes …

What aspect of your life has been hardest to surrender? Why?

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  1. diane says

    there seems to be , a little tug for me ,at various times , in different situations with Master; i wrestle with the guilt , shame even , of knowing that anything less than full surrender is disrespectful to Him.

    i don’t know why i push , i live to serve Him and intellectually understand the ramifications of being “bratty ” but yet , i push …

    perhaps the thing that upsets , riles Him the most is my disregard for being on time . . Master is always early ,in no uncertain terms He expects the same from me ….

    odd thing for me , after the years W/we have together , i totally trust Him to guide , shape , make this girl a better person ..

    wish i had the answer ….but know i want to do better .

  2. Winter says

    For me the hardest thing is to surrender how to put this? The need to be acknowledged. Hope I am saying that right. Master does praise me from time to time. When we get into deep discussions, however, I feel he gets more focused on himself at times and his need to resolve and will push me to the breaking point or end a disscusion before I feel I have the answers and time to say what I want to say. It is however in his right to do all of the above, so with that said it is hard for me to let go of he isn’t going to acknowledge me, my need to express myself or allow me to change the outcome once his mind is made up. It is also it seems he listens until a point. Again I know that is the nature of the relationship. Thinking I need to really work on learing how to surrender on this one …

  3. Kash says

    i’m brand new here. i’m in a part time relationship. There is something that has been coming up that i am having so much trouble with. i cannot, absolutely cannot, tell my Mistress anything about my vanilla life.

    i grew up in a really modest family, where many, many subjects were forbidden discussion. This was the premier unspeakable subject.

    When i entered the relationship with my Mistress and was collared, i had to work on ‘total submission’. The only subject i have not been successful in speaking quite candidly to Her is the subject of my vanilla life.

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