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What are your thoughts on the punishment …

What are your thoughts on the punishment?

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  1. leash says

    First, let us define punishment. Punishment according to the dictionary is 1. the act of punishing, the fact of being punished, as for an offense or fault; 3. a penalty inflicted for an offense, fault, etc… 4. severe handling or treatment. Therefore, thoughts of punishment can run a gambit of ideas.
    My view on punishment is that the reprimand should fit the crime and to reinforce proper behavior of the submissive. Punishments do not always need to be physically painful to be effective. In some cases, the punishment may actually be a reward for the submissive/slave. To expound on my thoughts of punishment let us take an example of a masochist. A masochist derives sexual stimulation and gratification from being humiliated and beaten so a punishment to correct a masochist would to shower it with love and affection and to instill a sense of worth instead of humiliation. On the other hand, if you want to reward the masochist with a punishment then degrade and whip away. Another effective punishment is isolationism for example the Dominant isolates the submissive/slave for a period to allow the submissive/slave to wallow and think of the action that has caused this timeout of sorts.

  2. Sirs girl says

    as a slave of many years…today i was punished for the first time by my dear Sir. i cannot go into detail as to what i was punished for out of respect for my Sir. i learned a valuable lesson. i have never really been one to get punished as my slave name at one time was “O” for being so obiediant. i am not the slave that i thought i was. my new Sir whom i adore deeply is molding his girl into his likes..i know that it Sir as much as it hurt me that i had to be punished. i cried so hard….one cannot explalin how much little one has learned. i will learn and mold for my Sir. i thanked Sir for punishing me. as a slave one must always thank there Sir for punishing them. i care deeply gor Sir as a slave should. i just did not think that Sir and girl would connect the way we have. i cherish Him more than i did my Master of 6 years in the beginning. i think this is due to His caring side…mixed with His sadistic side. from a worthless slave that i am ..i think punishment is good and is needed. this is the only way one can fix the problem. i have have alot of respect for Sir for punishing me. i will do better next time. i am a emotional slave. when i hurt Sir…its rips my sould to pieces….this is coming from a dedicated slave….regards, Sirs girl

  3. HoneyGlaze says

    For me, punishment is very important. Like Sirs girl, I am pretty obedient and I require little punishment. I do need to know that my Daddi will punish me or exert his authority over me when he feels that it is necessary. He has shown me this several times, so I don’t need to be reminded very often. Like so many submissives, I hate to displease him so I try to stay inside of the lines he has created for us.

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