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What sexual act arouses you the most?

What sexual act arouses you the most? … for that matter, what nonsexual act arouses you the most? Also if necessary, divided further by the gender of the actor/actress…

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  1. witchwolfe says

    At this point in my life, i am not capable of being aroused. Sex is meaningless to me.

  2. te'Annai says

    What sexual act arouses me the most? Impromptu nipple caressing / tweaking, especially if done when it is least expected, somewhere inappropriate or whilst fully clothed. The pleasure/pain of this is arousing in itself and if you couple that with something you shouldn’t be doing, it is highly erotic.
    Non-sexual act. That would have to be someone moving my hair away from my face.
    I think I would find both of these highly arousing whether or not the person doing it was male or female. This is something I have yet to explore ;o)

  3. His whore says

    For me…the most arousing sexual act is oral. Being on my knees, being allowed to caress and pleasure my Master is a huge turn on. Non sexual arousal is eye contact. Whether male or female I believe there is a deep connection made by eye contact so a simple look can be extremely arousing.

  4. slavemea says

    I am most aroused by my Master when he is correcting a behavior of mine. He will grasp my head by the ears and hold my head very still as he explains my infraction to me by whispering in my ear. It’s quite painful but this seems to ignite my entire body. Being blindfolded also heightens all sensation. Master enjoys having me service other females while blindfolded. I never know or see their faces and the entire interaction is fantastic. I enjoy servicing females but overall i love how it makes my Master happy.

  5. slave jimmy says

    sexual act- Master reaching around as He screws me.
    nonsexual act- dont know if its non-sexual, but licking Masters toes hancuffed while He pulls nipple clamps.

  6. BelleMaman says

    A certain tone and look when addressed in public by my husband, especially when in a most conservative and polite occasion: Party. School. Church. Weddings. Very nice hotels.

    Being bitten or kissed on the neck right where the pulse beats.

  7. robert land says

    I’m looking for some ideas, my girlfriend and I both enjoy being tied to the bed and touched and teased while blindfolded. I’m in dire need of some ideas from you women that you would like to have done to you that makes you feel pleasure and gets you excited almost like teasingbut I want her to be blind and wonder what sensation she’s going to feel next and I need some ideas outside of the norm.

  8. mai tsuzuri says

    being told to swallow sperm, then actually swallowing it, is very arousing! it is like being forced to swallow snot and bleach combined, and when i do it, i feel so debased, so aroused!!!

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