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What is the purpose of play/scene for yo …

What is the purpose of play/scene for you? What do you hope to get out to of the experience?

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  1. NS13_tangledpixie says

    Bonding, feeling closer to Master, pushing physical and mental limits. It’s a huge sense of relief when the ‘itch’ has been scratched. i feel more secure and calm afterwards. i’ve always liked pushing myself; i enjoy the challenge. It’s like doing an intense workout; my natural response is to slow down when i get tired, but my brain wants to keep going. “C’mon, you can do better than that! Keep going!” And most of the time i do. i’ll push myself till i literally drop from exhaustion. And then i’m shocked by how quickly my body can recover. “Wtf?! i shouldn’t even be able to walk after all that pounding!’ i think BDSM has only increased my respect for what the human body and mind can withstand.

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