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How do you address others in the lifesty …

How do you address others in the lifestyle? Do you automatically give strangers respect, or give automatic courtesy and wait for the individual to earn personal respect?

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  1. leash says

    I will address strangers with a Ma’am or Sir out of respect not necesarily to them but the lifestyle. Being submissive and being raised to respect others I will do it until they tell me otherwise.

  2. Chez's kitty says

    i have been taught that there is a baseline of respect that is to be given from the onset. If it is known if someone is Lifestyle and we’re in a scene friendly situation i am instructed to call them Master or Mistress in the Gorean style of address. If it is a public area i stick with Sir or Ma’am. If i am not sure, i still work with Sir and Ma’am and try to figure it out, sometimes i can and sometimes i can’t.

    Now, it has happened that there was a Dom who had lost the respect of my Owner and by default, mine and because of this i lost the affectation of Sir and Ma’am with this person because the point of trust that was broken was so large that there was really no other way to handle the situation, sadly enough.

  3. Pet ka says

    As I am not owned or submissive to anyone but my Master… lifestyle or not… they are treated just as I would treat any other vanilla person I met, unless, of course, my Master instructs me otherwise. He is the only one, whether we are associating with lifestyle friends or not, who can instruct me to treat or address someone any other way.

    I get rather annoyed with Dominants that assume that because someone is submissive or a slave… that they automatically owe every Dominant person (them mostly) who comes along the title of Sir or Master. They never get that from me… and my Master never askes that I extent that courtesy to them either… why reward the bad Dominant behaviour.

  4. Linda says

    I recently messaged a Dom for some advice. I started off with Good evening Sir. He greatly appreciated my respectful attitude. I feel that if you want respect then you have to give respect. Also, you can usually tell by their personality. This Dom was a more formal English gentleman. If it doesn’t seem right then don’t do it. Follow your instincts.

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