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Are you allowed to have and use pet name …

Are you allowed to have and use pet names for you owner?

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  1. maya says


  2. His_pet says


  3. carolanne says

    yes please

  4. CheerXtreme_pet says

    I can :) Different ones if we’re in public or alone

  5. witchwolfe says

    Pet names? I don’t think it’s been discussed. He would like me to call Him “Sir”, but it’s hard for me… I was not raised to use “sir’ and “ma’am” with people, and I never taught my kids to do it. It sounds sort of alien coming out of my mouth.

  6. HoneyGlaze says

    Daddi has one main pet name for me and then a few others he uses from time to time. I call him Daddi and one other nickname for public.

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