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How well do you handle change in your li …

How well do you handle change in your life?

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  1. SlaveMya says

    i wish i could say that i do very well with the changes in my life….but, i do NOT. To me, it is like someone is throwing a wrench into the workings of my life and my cogs get stuck. After the initial shock of whatever change is presented, i seem to do fairly well.

    i really do wish i was more of a “roll with the punches” sort of girl…something i will be working on in 2011!!

  2. Sam says

    I am bad with change even with ones I want. I struggle to put aside old habits or ways of thinking. I wish I could just fluidly adjust to all the changes expected of me but I fight, I question and I sometimes fail. I am a work in progress.

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