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Have you shared your sexual fantasies wi …

Have you shared your sexual fantasies with a friend? What was the reaction?

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  1. J'ssub says

    I did. TWICE, and will never do it again. My bff at the time was ok with it. MORE than ok actually. She literally tried to start dominating me, and take me away from my Master (we weren’t married at the time). She got quite posessive and extremely into me once she found out i was the submissive that would do anything to please her Master.

    The second time i told a female, that i knew was a lesbian and very committed to her partner. She too started really pushing the issue that i needed to come be with her and she would dominate me and i could work for her.

    i can’t believe how people act when they find out that you would do anything for someone if they would just take the necessary control. This is why i required Master to promise a “surrounding of protection” for me in our D/s relationship because he and i both know it is very hard for me to say no when someone asks something of me.

  2. witchwolfe says


  3. TICK-CHICK says

    I’ve always been comfortable sharing my sexual fantasies- sexuality is a shared human condition, normal, and no different than eating or sleeping.

    There is of course appropriate times and places for it, and it’s never appropriate to force it upon others without them being prepared and consenting adults to listen or contemplate such material (and that goes without saying that your friends are safe, sane, relatively emotionally stable people) but within those ethical and common sense safety boundaries, absolutely.

    It also has a side benefit for those around you: they realize that they are not alone, or strange- they find self-acceptance. It can be incredibly cathartic and healing… which is an amazing gift to others.

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