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How important are manners to your owner? …

How important are manners to your owner? Are there any you’ve had to learn or relearn since being owned?

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  1. Catlyn says

    Manners matter. As wife, I would, at times argue even though, in the end, hubby was right. As slave, there is no argument. His word goes, period. In many ways, for us, entering a TPE M/s relationship on top of our marriage, has simplified things. There are some behaviors I am still learning not to do, but now He has more ability to correct me and effect change.

  2. Sara says

    Very Important. My Sir is very posh and one protocol I need to work on is staying by his side, or walking slightly behind him, when we are out in public. I am aware that I stride ahead sometimes, so I think awareness is the first step to learning something new, and I am getting there

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