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What lost art or etiquette lesson do you …

What lost art or etiquette lesson do you think would brighten your service to your owner? (napkin folding, table setting, chivalry…)

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  1. Chez's kitty says

    Master and i had been used to an “evening tea” ritual, a way o winding down after the kids went to bed. This also marked the transition ebtween High and mid protocol. Often at the end of the way, we’ve both so exauted that not long after teh kids are asleep, we are too however this small reminder really brings things back into focus. We got out of the habit recently when life got more than hectic, but have been discussing how to bring it back

  2. lilyinnj says

    Hi! My Dom is a stickler for proper speech and grammer. I really try to make sure any emails or texts I reply to are correct. It takes only a fraction of a minute. I’ve been trying that with all responses I make, even to friends.

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