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Does romance have it’s place in D/s re …

Does romance have it’s place in D/s relationships?

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  1. Ginnyw says

    Yes, romance can have a place. There has been dominance in relationships since the beginning of time. Even the Bible talks about the woman being submissive to her husband.

  2. Hedone says

    Most definitely. My Dom is very romantic. It is at his core. He was that way as a young man and well before he became involved in D/s, and realized this is what he longed for. I am not romantic but I must admit he’s rubbing off on me and that I enjoy and benefit from his romantic gestures.

  3. Amber says

    Yes i beleive it does, its another way that my Dom shows he cares for me. He may not have many opertunities to be romantic. My Dom does so much for me that is sweet and romantic.D/s is like any other relationship, just better in my eyes because i always know where i stand with my Dom, or kneel. lol.

  4. d says

    for years i thought no ,emphatically no , there was no gray area, romance seemed to ,in my view anyway , threaten the integrity of the relationship ,and do a great disservice to our roles…i realize now , that romance never happened because of the traits of the Men i was tied to .. so to speak.

    . and it is now , in the present ,with my incredibly romantic Master that i have come to see what maters most is being true to what works with U/us .. rose petals , candles {not just for the wax imagine !} quiet moments ,cards , not every time of course , but when He decides, it is well appreciated . Master is secure enough in being Himself that the romance naturally has its place .He doesn’t force Himself to “play ” any part of being a Master , He just is ……..

  5. Judy says

    I agree that Romance plays an important role in my relationship with my “Master”; My Master sends me flowers for no reason – buys me candy – and does other nice things that are random and considerate. Nothing that I expected – something he just did. Pictures we have taken with us both in them – he will frame and send me a copy as well as keep one at his house. Romance can play a role in any relationship whether it be kink or vanilla. I love the romantic side of my Master as well as everything else. So my answer is ‘YES’ ROMANCE IS A PART OF RELATIONSHIP WITH MY WONDERFUL “MASTER”.

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