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“You can change no one but yourself.

“You can change no one but yourself.” – Anonymous

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  1. Suzanne says

    I have this particular quote set as my desktop image, on both my desktop and laptop computers. I believe it to be one of the keenest and most poignant reminders to myself that I cannot change or even alter the whole of the world, though I can affect others positively or negatively, depending upon how I am seen. It is my place only to concentrate on changing myself in a means that makes me the perfect slave to my Master. In doing that, the world which He grants me is a blissful and fulfilling place.

  2. Mistress Maria Martinet says

    This is a universal truism and the quicker one accepts this paradigm the smoother and less stressful life becomes

  3. lesme says

    i don’t believe that. i really think that a relation in love adn devoyion can change me, but also the other. Its always exchange of emotions. i believe that i change because of the other and that the other change becasue of me. When i’m a perfect slave, at least try to be, my Mistress will change and when i’m devoted to Her then She give me more attention and i will change too. So, O/our relation change both of U/us.

  4. Tabitha says

    I completely agree. You can’t force change on someone else.

  5. Jordan Deep says


    I can stand in a few different places to observe this comment. in one direction looking at it I agree. it’s useless to try to change another person. you should love them for who they are for your own sake. However I beleive if we cooperate or let me reprononce that. Co-operate with each other than every interaction can change us. Sometime slightly or sometimes a few words can completely change our future. I see every relationship as a ven diagram. I am one circle with my perticular set of skills and beliefs and every other person is another circle and when we come together and meet the middle part is called the vesica Pisces and each vesica Pisces is 100% unique. They say you are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with the most. Do choose your people wisely. Relationships can sometimes make you or break you and there are definitely 2 kinds of people. Fountains and drains. Some people are open to change and others are set in there ways.  I want to grow so I try to take what I can from all relationships especially non sexual ones.

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