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Does your owner assign you writing tasks …

Does your owner assign you writing tasks? How have they helped your submission?

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  1. Doug says

    I wish I had an owner

  2. SubPJE says

    Writing task was the very first assignment given to me by my Dom. I find it very helpful, it’s a “punishment free zone” where I can speak my mind and elaborate on various aspects of our D/s relationship. It is also where I put all of my other assignments that he requires of me.

    In the starting phase of getting to know one another it has been highly valuable and has sparked many of his ideas for my discipline, my goals, and clarifying what it is I am looking to get out of my relationship with him. It helps my submission because it’s such a simple task, just log in write something on my mind, do a simple assignment, but it requires that you make the time for it. Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective.

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