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Do you journal for yourself, or is it so …

Do you journal for yourself, or is it something your owner expects? Does your owner read your journal? Do you write with your owner in mind as an audience?

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  1. J'ssub says

    i journal not only for myself, but because Master requires it. i do tend to write with Master in mind as the audience, because it is one of the main ways i can communicate with Him freely without punishment. But sometimes i just use it to vent or let out a fantasy or two. i also take clippings of stories, lessons, etc to my journal so i can resort back to them freely. And yes, He does read it from time to time, but i never know when He has read it or not.

  2. Amanda says

    I have always written jornals for as long as I can remember. It is the only way I am able to really express what I am thinking. Right now, I write for Daddy. He expects it of me, maybe not everyday, but He will always randomly tell me to write an entry. Everything I write is with Him in mind, letters to Him, journal prompts from here directed to Him. Yes, everything I write is for Daddy.

  3. Jo126 says

    My Sir, told me to send Him an email every night, a journal of my feelings, my desires, the days happenings. He says, I do not communicate properly when we speak, and has noticed that I tell sir more when I write it down. Yes, sometimes there are rewards for sharing openly and honestly, and sometimes punishment too. But, for us it works very well. I try, really hard to remember things, but that too is something Sir wants me to work on, sometimes Sir reminds me, “remember to include…”, other times Sir will say “did you forget…” – Sir is always fair. And it is liberating to know that the journal is for my best interest.

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