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Did you know entering your relationship …

Did you know entering your relationship that it would be a Master/slave relationship, or has it evolved from a different dynamic over time?

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  1. new sub says

    A man I had been dating told me he truly believed I was submissive but not his type of submissive. At that time, he also revealed that he was a Dom. That sent me on a journey of self-discovery to understand my submissive self. While on the journey I reached out to another Dom for information, understanding, guidance and education. After a lot of time together, deep discussions, sharing and learning, he presented me with a training collar. So yes, I knew THIS relationship would be Dominant/submissive. It is still evolving; I’m still finding my place. My Dom is patient.

  2. Evan says

    I’m the husband and Dom in a marriage that is transitioning from vanilla to D/s. It’s been a challenge, as my lovely has strong submissive tendencies, yet I’ve had difficulty navigating us past her walls of emotional pain from the past. Matters are proceeding nicely, however, and we’re happier than we have ever been and getting happier all the time. Neither of us would have imagined this outcome when we got started.

  3. KarenNeko says

    No, but it was something I was interested in. After some casual talking about the subject I’m glad its sort of evolving towards that way, even though its just a couple hours at night.

  4. Judy says

    Sub/Slave for a year – did not know I was getting into This type of relationship. This had always been a secret fantasy of mine and to be so lucky as to find a Dom who is as wonderful, patient and extremely tender as well as loving to me is a “Priceless Experience”. I truly am thankful everyday that we found each other, and will work towards being a better sub/slave to him. We’re going slow – sub-frenzy scared me but I’ve got that under control. Life with my Master is better than anything I have ever imagined even in my fantasies.

  5. newbie says

    I had desires and specifically sought out a dom online in all honesty. It is our sole purpose of playing. I went through many people just emailing alone, but all seemed wrong. He is perfect for my beginners exploration

  6. wyldwestslave says

    no when Master and i entered our relationship we started as Dom-sub spending our first month together Master went home and then decided he truly wanted a Master-slave relationship, i took a while to decide if it was what i really wanted or if we needed to end our relationship, i did alot of soul searching and decided to stick it out. Master comes back in just over 3 weeks and i am so excited to see where our lives journey takes us

  7. Raelene says

    i must admit that when i first met Master, i knew i had met someone very different,unlike anyone i had ever encountered. His power exuded from ever pore of His body. i was drawn to Him, but a bit frightened of Him as well. i avoided Him because i knew what would happen. It happened, but not without a struggle. i wanted to submit to Him, but didn’t know how to. i was His submissive long before i even knew about BDSM, it was just the natural dynamic between the two of U/us and it is still that way and won’t change. It’s just the way W/we are as a couple. O/our 24/7 TPE is the best thing that has ever happened to me, in more ways that i could ever begin to explain. W/we are the real Christian Grey and anastasia steele, but with a miraculous and very happy ever after!!

  8. Goddess' -pet (westfal) says

    we both began our relationship on a D/s level and then it became fine tuned to be more of a Goddess/pet relationship in line with her desires.

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