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If you have difficulty asking for what y …

If you have difficulty asking for what you want, what are you telling yourself that makes asking difficult?

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  1. s says

    I have a bad habit of telling myself that what I want is “stupid” or “silly” or simply unimportant.

  2. malak says

    Odd, as i am going through this with Master lately. Often i am telling myself that His needs are paramount and mine should be served only by meeting His. Except that, He enjoys hearing me ask..He gets a thrill out of it even. This makes my head do some seriously odd things and makes me tongue tied and tense. i am working to get beyond it and i think i am making progress, however it’s a slow process. Any of my readers have this issue?

  3. HisToy says

    Some times i go weeks with out asken for a thing, but a few weeks ago, it just all came out i asked not for things but just his thoughts on ideas. He started laughing at me becouse he was shooked with everything i ask. So for now on, he tells me to ask somthing every week. Question of the week

  4. Tabitha says

    I suppose the worst thing they can say is ‘no’, so if I assume that it’s going to be a ‘no’ anyway, my mind asks why even ask? I try to ask, though, if I do want something.

  5. Shay says

    I am having the same problem as malak right now. I tend to just believe that no matter what I’m going to say, if it does not directly impact Master or have to with his needs by means of servicing him, I tell myself it is unimportant. Master really stresses an open line of communication so I am trying for him.

  6. Amanda says

    I simply just have a hard time putting thoughts into words. Unless written down. So whenever I find myself needing or wanting to ask a question.. and not knowing how. I turn to my journal and write it.

  7. HoneyGlaze says

    I struggle with this. I am not good at it at all. Daddi has told me several times to express my desires to him and not to hold anything back. I always worry that my requests are trivial and will not be received well. This is completely wrong but I go on thinking it. From time to time, I am strong and work up the courage to ask.

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