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How have you used your sexual fantasies …

How have you used your sexual fantasies up until now?

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  1. Toms Cunt says

    Most of them, I have a prety wild imagination and so does my Master. The only one that I think of all the time would be: HE enters my home and decides to take my by the hair and drag me into the bed room, push me down and take me there; on the floor, anally, no lube but with the force of a rape…….Because HE can. Would I love this, of course, has HE done it yet? not in 8 years…here’s hoping….but it’s the best fantasy to masturbate thinking about. Its not the surrender of submission that makes me wild n crazy, its the control HE has over me.

    smiles, Tom’s cunt…..diana

  2. DD Symms says

    Your fantasy is based on a relationship and not just the act. I think that’s an important consideration. You know him and you’re able to be vulnerable with him. That’s a great example of intimacy.

  3. Raelene says

    i don’t think i’ve had a chance to use my sexual fantasies yet.

  4. sortingmeout says

    I don’t even like to talk about them, let alone act on them.

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